Death & Dark Tourism Funded PhD

Hello Dearlies, I apologise for not posting in the last two weeks, real work has taken me away from my fun work. However, I just wanted to start off the return of content by spreading the word of a funded Ph.D. project that may be of interest to any EU readers with aspirations to join the cool kids in academia.


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The lovely Louise Winter over at Poetic Endings let me know about a project at Manchester Metropolitan University called, Where is death in ‘Dark Tourism’? Exploring tourists’ relationships with mortality at sites of death and disaster.  The call for submissions describes the project as thus:

This project critically explores how tourists engage with mortality when they visit heritage sites associated with death and disaster (eg. battlefields, Holocaust sites), critiquing the contested concepts of ‘Dark Tourism’ and ‘mortality mediation’ to understand how tourists engage with the idea of death at such sites, in ways which can also inform their management.

If you’re interested, you can read the full call for proposals here, but hurry the deadline is the 21st of March 2016.

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