Cadavers as Cradles of Creativity

Hello dearies, I wanted to pass on the details of a fascinating event in London tomorrow, February 17th. I know it seems a lot of the events and lectures I talk about are in the UK, I do keep an eye out for talks in the extended the Anglo, German, and Francophone worlds. The British just seem on a role these days with the death acceptance.

The talk is called Cadavers as Cradles of Creativity (I love alliteration). The RSA sponsored lecture is hosted by Dr. Sophie Churchill from The Corpse Project. The talk will be exploring some of the practical implications of human mortality and ask how we might deal with our bodies after death in a way which helps the living and the earth. It sound fascinating and will be free to the public. Click here for more information or to register.

Cadavers as Cradles of Creativity                                                                                                         Wed, 17 February 2016
18:15 – 20:15
Garrett Anderson Room, The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith St, London SW1P 3BU

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