Let’s Get Squeamish Together!

Hello Dearies, I wanted to let you know about an exciting new series of events which I will be part of in October. If you find yourself in London next month, come down to Sutton House for Life.Death.Whatever.

In collaboration with the National Trust’s Sutton House, the ‘Mary Poppins of Death’ Louise Winter, and end-of-life doula Anna Lyons are hosting a month full of exciting and engaging events in their Life.Death.Whatever series.

These will all take place in Sutton House, the oldest residence in East London, with roots going back to the Middle Ages (and graffiti from the 80s). I think it is a perfect venue to reflect on the passage of time and what happens at the conclusion of life. There will be all kinds of fabulous, life-affirming, events throughout the month from a body awareness raising Hat Making Workshop (Oct 7th), to Deathly Tales by Candlelight (Oct 9th), to a Harold and Maud Extravaganza (Oct 13th).

I will be leading off a series of talks on October 14th for the Death & Cocktails event. Come out and enjoy death-themed cocktails while listening to me and several other distinguished speakers discuss the past, present, and future of death.

I will be giving my talk Squeamish: A Look at the Philosophy Behind Modern Death Denial, where I will examine some of the developments and ideas that have led us to our death and age denying culture, plus some advice on how we can change our outlook to death (and therefore life) embracing instead.

The UK is one of my largest audiences and I love interacting with you guys through the blog and social media. I can’t wait to meet some of you in the flesh! If you stop, by please feel free to say hello, I do love interacting with you guys.




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