Ephemera Guide: Living the Gloom Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 

Hello dearies, to say that I’m jazzed about the upcoming holiday is a bit of an understatement. I started prepping for our annual Halloween party in July. This year’s theme is Master & Margarita, and I had to be seriously talked out of getting a four-foot tall Behemoth statue, which I’m still having pangs of desire over. He would be the perfect centrepiece!  So in this edition of Ephemera, I’m boosting the indie artists and companies I love that live the gloom life all year long.

Tim Curry is a national treasure

Bella Muerte & Hex Bomb


Hex Bombs, it’s like Lush but for Goths. You may have seen a plethora of dark aesthetic Instagram girls taking baths in full hair and makeup. They were probably showing off their new Hex Bombs.  These delightful dark bath treats are created by Bella Muerte Clothing and are as glorious for the skin as they are creepy to behold. Firstly Bella Muerte is in Belfast so for those of us of the European/Mediterranean persuasion it is nice to have an indie shop that will ship to us at a reasonable price/time frame for a change. Secondly, the bombs are great for the skin and don’t stain the tub or required a scrubbing once the bath is through. I take a bath to relax not to have a chore afterwards. Finally, they are spooky goodness that feeds my dark little soul. These products are available all year long, but if you were hoping to pick some up before Halloween this year you need to keep your eyes peeled. They sell out quick and often. Bella Muerte also has a beautiful collection of gothy club and everyday wear. I’m in love with this coffin dress.


Black Moon Cosmetics


Black Moon is a new indie cosmetics company. They just celebrated their first year in business in September. If you are a fan of matte long wear lipstick (and who isn’t these days) they are a brand you should check out. I find their lipstick has a nice flexibility so it is less likely to crack or flake as the day goes on, especially if you are layering colours. The collection is still growing, but I recommend Wrath, Deranged, and their Black Metal Trio Set.


Lozzy Bones Art


I can best describe Lozzy’s art as Edward Gorey becomes a woman and get’s transported to Victorian Britain were she works in an occult printing press. [That is the greatest sentence I have ever written.] I first got turned on to Lozzy’s  Art Instagram and now also her Tattoo Instagram through Carla Valintine, from Bart’s Pathology Museum. Madam Bones’ work is creative and weird in all the right ways with a smart gallows humour. You should follow her and check out her online store where some of her prints are on sale.



There are a couple of musicians that I love, and I regularly ask myself, “why aren’t they more famous?!” Phildel is one of them. Her work has been featured in a few commercials and soundtracks. She has also done some cool collaborations, but I don’t get why she isn’t a household name already, she’s brilliant. Her music is eclectic, brooding, and heart breaking. The whole album of Disappearance of the Girl is glorious. I listen to it a lot when I’m prototyping fragrances.

Sisters of the Black Moon


Sisters of the Black Moon is an indie clothing company with a sleek industrial style. Their fabrics are great and often hand dyed or treated, but their cuts tend to favour a straight silhouette that doesn’t work for me (mama needs some structure). However, for those that like flowy items and want to look like a modern urban witch, these are your guys. I really like their flanker products, though. The hats are to die for; the jewellery is one of a kind, and each piece is a statement. I want this deerskin and stone cuff that looks like a wizard forged it. They have recently moved into candles and body care too. The Aurore Boreale candle is fantastic, and I adore their signature fragrance oil Culte Solaire. It has a really strong Yuzu note which is hard to pull off, but it is balanced perfectly.


So Happy Halloween Everyone, Keep it Spooky


All recommendations are based on personal experience and were purchased. We do not accept paid recommendations.