[November Online Class] Scent Culture Theory 101

Beloveds, I am so happy to announce that I will be curating the newly relaunched Scent & Society series for the Institute of Art and Olfaction! I’m excited to go more in-depth about subjects adjacent to my smelly work here, but that don’t quite fit into Death/Scent’s vibe. Don’t worry though, D/S will still be going forward as usual. To start things off, I will be covering some of the basics about studying scent throughout time and in other cultures, details below.

Scent Culture Theory 101

Mon, November 16, 2020
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PST

About this Event

The history of perfume is, in some manner, that of civilisation. – Eugène Rimmel

Scent matters, not just as a commodity in perfume but as a cultural artefact. What smells we value as a society, which one’s disgust, and how they’re used, are both formed and informed by our scent cultures. But what is a scent culture? How do we spot one when we smell it?

Throughout the Institute of Art and Olfaction’s lecture series, Scent & Society, we will be examining how aromatics impact society as a whole and people within it. This will take us from historical hygiene practices, global trade, to religious beliefs, and beyond. To help you gain the most from these talks Series Curator, Nuri McBride, has created this primer to help you understand the theory behind scent history and sociological fragrance education.

In this course we will:

  • Explain what a scent culture is and how scent is used as a cultural artefact
  • Examine the differences between the working definitions of scent culture
  • Introduce you to Sensory Historical Studies, its philosophy and methodology, with a focus on Inter-sensoriality
  • Discuss the limitations to a sensorial approach to history
  • Consider the importance of studying scent cultures from non-hegemonic communities.
  • Give practical tools to help you cultivate a deeper understanding of anthropogenic aromatics during the series and in your further fragrance education.

This is an online class. The Zoom link will be sent by email 24 hours before the class.

This event is presented as part of our relaunched ‘Scent and Society’ series. Scent and Society is an ongoing exploration of the multiplicity of perfume histories across time, and across the world.

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