Introducing Alabastron: An Aromatic Journal

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I’m so excited to announce I will be co-editing Alabastron, a new journal to be published by the Institute for Art & Olfaction, with Saskia Wilson-Brown.

Alabastron is an interdisciplinary journal that bridges the gap between academia and the public to explore aromatic history and culture. Our aim is to create diverse and accessible learning environments in which to discuss how olfaction, Scent Culture, and aromatic trades shape the human experience.

We at Alabastron wish to explore these topics in a way that honours sensorial experiences and embodied knowledge. We believe that collaboration and dialogue among people with different skill sets and backgrounds create a richer tapestry of human experience. We strive to bring a diverse collection of voices together and elevate those rarely given deference when discussing Scent Culture and fragrance. Finally, while commercial perfumery receives a disproportionate amount of attention in olfactive discourse, it represents a relatively small and recent segment of the diverse ways in which people scent their worlds. Alabastron aims to move aromatic discourse away from commercialization and into the domain of human cultures.

To that end, we invite community members, industry professionals, independent and early career researchers, as well as seasoned academics to submit abstracts for our inaugural issue.

The first issue’s theme is:

The Scent of Identity: Olfaction’s Role in Culture, Community, and the Formation of Self

We are looking to publish three types of pieces: traditional Research Articles, nonfiction biographical prose called Embodied Narratives, as well as Poetry & Flash Fiction. Submissions in all three categories should be sent by 11:59 PM, February 1st, 2023, to

For more details, please visit us at