1. Death/Scent’s priority is to provide readers with information and recommendations, presented as accurately and unbiased as possible; in a genuine manner, with the purpose to inform and engage on the topic of olfactive art in world cultures, with a focus on death practices.
  2. D/S is a death awareness blog and seeks to present an aspect of death education in a gentle and engaging manner.
  3. D/S will bridge academic interest in the subject with relatable content while neither “talking down” nor getting into “academic speak” with the audience. Whenever possible we will provide links to additional sources, citations, and open-source scholarly works to support our positions or provide further information on the subject discussed.
  4. It is our stance to be fulling engaged with our readers and cultivate an environment for everyone to contemplate and consider olfaction, death, and culture.
  5. It is important that Nuri as the primary writer and any guest writers be aware of latent cultural bias, cultural simplification, and cultural relativism when discussing communities that are not their own. Efforts to interview or collaborate with community members will be pursued, whenever possible.
  6. To fulfil our first ethical directive, any attempts to monetize or profit from the site must be done in such a way that does not interfere with our first ethical directive to provide accurate and unbiased information or our second, to promote death education.