Reviews & Advertisement

There has been lots of interest recently in regards to advertisement and reviews on the blog. While I love money and free things, it is important that the blog’s readers feel that the information and recommendations presented are unbiased, genuine, and with the purpose to inform and engage. I launched D/S with an ethical platform advised by my day job as an academic. Due to this, I’m not currently accepting adverts or sponsorships related to Death/Scent at this time, with a few exceptions. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me at

Things we aren’t doing at Death/Scent at the time

  • Adverts
  • Native Articles
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Paid Reviews

What we may still do

In-Kind Reviews

Often I receive requests from indie perfumers wanting to send products to include in the Ephemera posts. I love supporting small businesses, in particularly female-run businesses, and  I am not opposed to receiving samples of indie and niche fragrances or death awareness products for consideration as long as no money changes hands. I do not accept in-kind items from large scale fragrance manufacturers or distributors. However, taking in-kind items from smaller retailers does not guarantee a positive review or inclusion on any post.

I make a point only to include products I am deeply excited by and want to share with my readers. If a company sends me goods, of any value, I will only mention them if:

  1. I truly like it
  2. I wear or would wear it
  3. If it isn’t to my taste but I would recommend it to a friend with a different sensibility
  4. It fits with the nature of the post and the site.

If your company sends me a product and I don’t post about it, either it hasn’t found the right article yet or doesn’t meet one of the above criteria.

Contact me at to discuss in-kind reviews more.

Product Feedback

As a result of in-kind review requests I also receive requests for feedback on products. I love fragrances with a passion and enjoy discussing it. While I may be a bit more informed than the average bear I am just one person, with one person’s sensibility. Time and schedule permitting I would be happy to discuss my personal experience with your products. However, I am not in a position to provide analytics or market information. Likewise, any particular discussion we have about products may not translate to mention on the blog.