Fan of Perfume? Come, Share Your Thoughts! 

Hello Dearies, aside from what I have brewing here at DS&LG I am also working on a project for publication in an academic journal. I’m looking at the buying habits and the market’s adaptability for self-professed perfume fans and as part of that research, I’m collecting data in the form of a simple 3-minute survey….

Ephemera Guide: Snails, Loons, & Strange Women

Hello, again dearies and welcome to this month’s Ephemera post, where I natter on about the things that I’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks. This month we have some doozies, so let’s jump in.

The Queen of the Poison Garden, Atropa Belladonna

When I was a girl, I went for a walk in the forest with my family. While prancing about, as I was wont to do, I came across a bush of the most beautiful berries surrounded by flowers that looked, to me, like small purple bluebells. I was young, but I remember the allure of…

The Chemistry of Death and Desire

What does fleshy tuberose, cooked Brussel sprouts, chocolate, the musk of human sex, faeces, and a decomposing body all have in common?