[November Online Class] Scent Culture Theory 101

Beloveds, I am so happy to announce that I will be curating the newly relaunched Scent & Society series for the Institute of Art and Olfaction! I’m excited to go more in-depth about subjects adjacent to my smelly work here, but that don’t quite fit into Death/Scent’s vibe. Don’t worry though, D/S will still be going forward as usual. To start things off, I will be covering some of the basics about studying scent throughout time and in other cultures, details below.

Upcoming Online Events [May 2020]

I am so happy to announce that I will be teaching a two-part online course this May in partnership with the Institute of Art and Olfaction.

Ephemera Guide: Poisoners, Flower Factories, & Malheureux

Hello my lovelies, November is here and my mind turns to thinking about what I’m thankful for. For me, the inspiration of amazing artist has been something that has kept me going and creating through a year that has been politically grim, to say the least. We need people out there creating beautiful things even…

Ephemera Guide: Grimm & Glorious

Hello my darlings, I’m so sorry I’ve had another unintentional summer hiatus from the blog. I’ve been writing my dissertation which is like slowly slashing my heart with a thousand papercuts. But the end is in sight, and I finally have a few minutes to catch up. Keep your eyes peeled for a new article…

The Body as Art: War Bones (Scent the Scene)

In this series, we examine aspects of death and bereavement through art, olfaction, and imaginative thinking. Feel free to follow along at home and leave your take on this scented death meditation below.  This Week’s Muse This month we are going to be examining human remains used in artistic pieces. Some of these works serve…

Let’s Get Squeamish Together!

Hello Dearies, I wanted to let you know about an exciting new series of events which I will be part of in October. If you find yourself in London next month, come down to Sutton House for Life.Death.Whatever.

The Ethics of Displaying Human Bodies Symposium

Hi Dearies, I wanted to spread the word, especially for those in the UK about an interesting symposium happening on Monday, March 21st. The University of Warwick’s Centre for the History of Medicine will be hosting The Ethics of Display: exhibiting vulnerable bodies symposium at the Arden Conference Centre. The symposium should be a fascinating discussion about the…