The Death/Scent Reading List

Over the last year I have had several requests for more information and deeper reads on subjects brought up on the blog. So after banging around my shelves a bit, here is the Death/Scent reading list. Some of them are staples of both olfactive and death literature, others are weird and wonderful deep cuts.  This... Continue Reading →

The Carrion Flowers

When I was a teenager I pretended that I didn't like flowers, "They're the genitals of plants why would I want those as a gift, gross!" I made a huge show about telling everyone how much I hated them. Clubs in my school routinely sold flowers for fundraisers. While the idea is nice, in the... Continue Reading →

Poisoned Garden: Datura

Remember kids, the most toxic plants are often the most innocent-looking and alluring. Datura is a girly sweet-floral, but its other names give away its true nature (Devil's Trumpets, Hell's Bells, Poisoned Moon Flower). Datura, as with most of its Nightshade sisters, holds its poison in both its seeds and blossoms. The most likely cause... Continue Reading →

Field Notes?

Who doesn't like a play on words....oh...everyone according to my husband, but nevermind. In Field Notes, we will look at different raw materials used in fragrance and burial rituals. We will talk a bit about how they are harvested and used in and out of ritual. Along with the ethics of some of these materials and what... Continue Reading →

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