If you would like to hear Nuri natter on about smelly things this page will house all of your opportunities to do so. Nuri conducts online (and hopefully one day) in-person talks on a variety of subjects related to scent and death. If you would like to book Nuri, contact her here.

May 2021


 [online]: Is Death Positivity a Form of Death Denial?

Tuesday, May 4th , 2021

April 2021


 [online]: The Scent of Gan Eden: Olfaction in Judaism 

Monday, April 26th , 2021

March 2021


 [online]: Smells, Miasma Theory, and Public Health

Monday, February 15th , 2021

February 2021


 [online]: From Plague Preservative to Perfume

Monday, February 15th , 2021

January 2021


[online]: Scent Culture Theory 101

Monday, January 11th , 2021

[online]: Smells like Xenophobia: An Olfactive History of Otherness

Monday, January 25th, 2021

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